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Just just just just What the movie movie movie stars might state when they had been regarding the dating that is exclusive Raya

IT??™S the celeb dating app YOU can??™t join.

Casanova and ex-EastEnders road sweeper Dean Gaffney has simply finalized as much as Raya, saying: ???I??™m visiting an age where i wish to fulfill my ride or die.???

We imagine Dean??™s profile ??“ and the other movie stars might state when they had been in the app that is exclusive.

Dean, 42

HI, I??™m Dean Gaffney, aka The Gaffer, aka the glucose Hut David Gandy. I??™m the only your mum warned you about . . . cos she fancies me personally by by herself.

I??™m on the market for an age-appropriate girl now I wouldn??™t date anyone their age as I promised my 24-year-old twin daughters.

Therefore nobody over 23, please ??“ and even though we??™re at it, no body under a 32G.

Off your feet and introduce you to Wellard (it??™s not just the nickname of my old ??™Enders dog) if you play your cards right, I??™ll sweep you.

Loves: Sticky-floored nightclubs, alcopops and a good little bit of bush (Kate!).

Katie, 42

WOTCHA! I??™m Katie you can??“ call me Pricey well, you are going to after you??™ve came across my bad accountant. Haha.

I??™m searching for a genuine guy whom understands their place ??“ you??™ll constantly play 2nd fiddle to your Pricey, simply ask Kieran, Pete, Alex, Danny, thingumy, whatshisname and . . . wait, I??™m operating away from characters here.

Yeah, i would like a guy who can love me for whom i will be and not my boobs ??“ they??™ll have actually changed by our very first date anyway. Must look good on digital digital camera cos they??™ll be after us around 24/7 LOL. No Aussies, cage fighters or Milf chasers.

Harry, 26

YES, it is me personally, Harry Styles, the man from your own room wall surface a decade ago.

I??™m nevertheless right right right right here, I??™ve simply been disguising myself with a few gear We acquired through the Sue Ryder store. More…