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Avoidant Attachment Between Parent & Child. Has relationships however they are perhaps not skilled because of the other as deep or close

-There is extremely minimum stress during parent-child separations

-Upon parent/caregiver and toddler/child reunions the toddler/child generally seems to ignore their parent/caregiver

-When distressed the toddler/child doesn??™t search for comfort from their parent/caregiver or every other adult

-Avoids or resists real touch/contact

-Seems to lack emotion /rarely cries

The Avoidant Attached Adult

-Avoids intimate/close relationships

-Difficulty tuning into and/or expressing their emotions that are own. Might not also have the ability to recognize the way they are experiencing

They are getting too close to someone they may become defensive vietnamcupid and feel the urge to protect themselves leaving them to put their walls up-When they feel like

-They experience vulnerability as weakness and genuinely believe that when they have too close somebody will make the most of them