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Exactly what Solitary Ladies Hate About Married Women (and Vice Versa)

Here is the offer: I like my married girlfriends. And also at 35, i have got plenty of them. But there is however one thing strange that happens the moment they state “we do.” It is as if that band functions as a mind eraser—they slide it on and immediately begin saying things like “You’ll make it,” as my married younger sister thought to me personally some time ago, a beatific look on her face. (pardon me, Karyn, did not we simply allow you to be carry my guide bag to college, like, 5 minutes ago?) therefore, with a quick shout-out to all my married friends (why don’t we do supper at your home, as always), a listing of the things I find, in certain cases, utterly irritating about them:

__…love to grumble on how dirty their diamond bands are while they demonstrate to them off. __ (Yep, i could scarcely look at twinkle through all of that detergent scum.)