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Formerly, we create a public inquiry attempting to locate straight males whom proudly usually do not eat pussy.

we was thinking we really could find at the least a few dudes down to talk and explain by themselves. Nevertheless, i possibly could not: maybe maybe maybe Not a guy that is single acknowledge his oral aversions in my experience. Rather, i obtained endless e-mails from males bragging: when they had been Popeye, pussy ended up being their spinach.

I tossed within the towel and switched my awareness of some well-respected sex therapists about the hypotheticals. Interestingly, following the piece posted, an onslaught was received by me of tweets and e-mails from guys that has read my article. “we don’t consume pussy,” they published. “I’ll tell you precisely why, in great information.” therefore here we’ve it. Genuine reasons from genuine guys about why they actually don’t like to perform cunnilingus.

George*, 27

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I cannot state We produced decision that is conscious to execute dental intercourse on ladies. I attempted it with my very first gf whenever we first became intimately active. It never truly appealed if you ask me. I believe the most important thing in my situation is, We additionally do not specially enjoy [receiving] oral sex, thus I do not expect it from females, ever. More…