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Guidance for dating some body with borderline character condition

They might you will need to bait you into anger, then accuse you of falsely rejecting them, allow you to doubt truth as well as your sanity, and sometimes even brainwash you as psychological manipulation. It’s not uncommon they feel have betrayed them for them to cut off friends and relatives who. They respond to their profound worries of abandonment with needy and behavior that is clingy anger and fury that reflect their skewed reality and self-image.

In a relationship that is close they have to walk a tightrope to balance driving a car to be alone or to be too near. To take action, they make an effort to get a grip on with commands or manipulation, including flattery and seduction. Whereas narcissists enjoy being recognized, way too much understanding frightens the borderline. Generally speaking, borderlines are codependent, and discover another codependent to merge with also to assist them to.

They look for you to definitely provide security and balance their changeable feelings. A codependent or narcissist whom functions self-sufficient and controls his / her feelings provides a perfect match. More…