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Sexuality and sex. Sexual Interest. Sexual Intercourse. Sexual Joy

Intercourse has gotten small attention within the reputation for western philosophy, and just just just what it did get had not been good: Plato denigrated it, arguing so it should cause one thing greater or better (Phaedrus, Symposium), Aristotle barely talked about it, and Christian philosophers condemned it: Augustine argued that its pleasures are dangerous in perfecting us, and permitted sex just for procreation (City of Jesus, bk 14; On Marriage and Concupiscence), while Aquinas confined its permissibility to conjugal, procreative functions (Summa contra gentiles III.2; Summa theologia IIa-IIae). Immanuel Kant (Lectures on Ethics) considered it the only inclination that cannot fulfill the Categorical Imperative, and Jean-Paul Sartre reported that sexual interest is designed to capture the other??™s freedom (1943: pt. More…