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Nine items to find out about dating for moms and dads (and about dating moms and dads!)

Single Parents??™ Day is March 21st, and it??™s a wonderful event to allow the solitary moms and dads in your lifetime understand if you??™re a single parent yourself, to give yourself a (well-deserved) pat on the back that you see what a great job they do or. At EliteSingles we wished to celebrate by considering dating for moms and dads: why is it great, and what you should know to really make it better yet.

With that task in your mind, we surveyed 600 Canadians: single moms, solitary dads, and people without young ones, to see nine information about dating as being a parent (or dating a moms and dad) in Canada.

Dating and parents that are single nine what to understand

1. Moms and dads are popular. Actually popular

As EliteSingles psychologist Salama aquatic records ???there is a very common myth that finding love as an individual moms and dad is much more difficult because having kiddies supposedly places people off??? 1 and even, there may be some hurtful stereotypes about solitary parents 2 ??“ especially those from the dating scene. More…