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Practice Being Objective. It’s time now to challenge your insecurities.

Your insecurities aren’t anything significantly more than interpretations you get about your self, other people, circumstances, or just around exactly what will or won’t take place. At first glance, they’re simply viewpoints and perspectives you’ve got latched onto.

To improve our views we have to challenge them one way or another. To put it differently, we must rationally think more and objectively about our insecurities. More…


My mobile section is functional on the 40m through 10m HF bands and also the 2m and 70cm VHF/UHF bands.

Mobile Phone Recreational Broadcast Facility K5DH/M

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My commute to and from work each time is a 64 mile round-trip. My travel time averages a full hour each means, and even longer in the event that weather’s bad or there is any sort of accident on the highway. I spend on the road would otherwise be wasted if I didn’t have a mobile station, the time. Therefore, as opposed to stewing in regards to the traffic or playing depressing news reports regarding the broadcast radio, we gladly tune the bands l king for contact with the world that is outside! It’s really a great cure for “road rage”. The majority of my mobile operation occurs on HF, while the VHF/UHF radio are at the ready when the need arises. More…