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Are Gay Dating Apps Doing Adequate to Answer Consumer Discrimination?

In the floor that is 14th of Pacific Design Center’s Red Building in Los Angeles, two guys that has never met took a chair in 2 various spaces. Each acquired an iPhone, tapped a familiar symbol and exposed a Grindr profile??”except the photo exhibited had not been their own. ???That??™s me???? asked a astonished man that is white. ???I haven’t been Asian before,??? he mused.

The blue-eyed, square-jawed man??”a that is white identified just by their username, ???Grindr Guy?????”had traded records with a 30-year-old Asian guy, understood because of the username ???Procrasti-drama.???

This scene starts the premiere episode of Grindr??™s exactly exactly exactly exactly What the Flip? The dating that is gay first web series has users switch profiles to witness the oft-negative and discriminatory behavior many endure from the application. August it appears on the web magazine INTO, which Grindr launched last. It??™s section of an endeavor to shake the company??™s reputation as a facilitator of casual hookups and reposition it self as a glossier homosexual life style brand name, a move that follows Grindr??™s present purchase with A chinese video gaming business.

The sheer volume of intolerant content and behavior that??™s so rife on Grindr and apps like it in doing so, the most widely used gay dating app in the world is wrestling with its demons??”namely.

This installment of What??™s the Flip? narrowed in on racism. To start with, the white man scrolled through their profile??™s communications and reported about its fairly empty inbox. In a short time, racially charged feedback started trickling in.

???Kinda a rice queen right right right here,??? read one.

???That??™s weird,??? the white man stated as he composed an answer. He asks why they pointed out that one slang term, one utilized to explain a non-Asian male that is gay features a fetish for Asian males. More…