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Have Always Been We A Rebound Or Perhaps Is My Brand Brand New Union Serious?

a lady surviving in Santa Monica, CA got in contact that I am often asked in my one on one coaching sessions with me the other day with a question. She’s begun a relationship with a guy for who this woman is developing feelings that are strong but there are specific components of their relationship which has been making her concern exactly what she represents for him.

Because a lot of people contact me personally to ask, “Am we a rebound,” I wished to compose a write-up checking out this subject for you personally today!

Have always been we a rebound or perhaps is my partner dedicated to me?

At this time, you’re someone that is dating and also you’ve began to develop severe emotions for them aswell. There is certainly simply a thing that is not sitting right to you. You’ve got a sense that maybe they’re still deeply in love with their ex, or possibly that they’re utilizing you to definitely assist them to move ahead however they don’t see on their own with you longterm.

It’s a pretty unsettling feeling, particularly in the event that you notice that you’ve developed severe feelings with this person.

Will you be this person’s rebound woman or guy?

One of the primary indicators of whether or otherwise not you’re your partner’s rebound may be the length of time they invest speaking about their ex partner. That they are in a rebound relationship with you if you find that your partner seems to be very nostalgic and spend a great deal of time bringing up their ex, there is a chance.

So focus on the frequency of conversations regarding the partner’s ex and how they seem when they’re talking about them. More…