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Personally I think like composing a complete great deal by what’s happening within my life, but somehow it is maybe not occurring. perhaps i ought to state that We have are more sluggish utilizing the baby that is second. ok, now i have to give a title when it comes to 2nd one, hmmm.. Chunty?? seems matching to Bunty na.. its an obsession, can alter it.

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I will acknowledge that We am being little careless with Chunty or after caring for Bunty and workplace, We do not appear to have any power for Chunty. We keep forgetting to just take my acid that is folic sickness pills. We just puke away every thing after each dinner. We do not remember how it absolutely was during BUnty time. strange na, yes we don’t remember just exactly how it had been. The thing I keep in mind is ,I accustomed always be hungry. My mood ended up being bad. This time around we do not feel having any meals. More…