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5 networks that are social went into hiding. Do you remember them?

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Can you recall the times before Instagram and Snapchat, whenever Twitter and Twitter had been simply starting out, so when social media felt brand brand new?

Because the change associated with the millennium, there has been numerous big players within the social media marketing industry, with millions of users and aspirations to fit.

Some went missing though ??“ never talked about on the web or down. I believe it is about time some body took a review of those very early sites that are social to see just what has occurred for them.


One of the primary internet sites to attract 1 million users and also the world??™s leading site that is social web page views) between 2002-2004. The functionality ended up being simple ??“ adding buddies, delivering communications and sharing news had been all popular tasks.

Such had been its success and position in the right time, a $30million offer from Bing had been declined in 2003. It was viewed as an epic fail. Myspace quickly built a bigger individual base, Facebook and Twitter accompanied soon after, and Friendster quickly needed to alter way.

The main focus switched to Asia, prior to entirely repositioning it self once again being a video gaming and activity platform, before finally shutting down because recently as 2015 june.


Every person recalls Myspace, and creator Tom who was simply, by default, everyone??™s first connection. The working platform famed for music and personalisation had been the world??™s most well known networking that is social until 2008.

Despite having a takeover from Rupert Murdoch??™s Information Global, Myspace struggled to avoid its users from migrating to Twitter and advice Twitter. Buggy user-experience and mass that is critical left Myspace in some trouble. More…