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exactly just exactly What Cheating Seems Like in A polyamorous relationship

He told me in no uncertain terms that he viewed kissing as cheating when I first met my husband. Therefore it might come as a shock to know that, 10 years later on, we frequently have intercourse along with other individuals.

Neither of us had an available relationship before we came across one another, but we constantly chatted candidly about intercourse, love, and relationships. Like numerous poly-curious partners, we tested water insurance firms threesomes, before branching down and dating separately. Today, we define as non-monogamous. We??™re married, live together, and place our relationship first, but we additionally see other folks. Then when I inquired my better half early in the day this week if he nevertheless thought kissing counted as cheating, we expected him to laugh. He didn??™t.

???Yes,??? he said. We hadn??™t agreed to.???If it was something???

At first it could appear stressing it is for polyamorous people to misinterpret their own relationship rules that we weren??™t on the same wavelength, but actually, this misunderstanding shows how easy. A short while later, we felt shaken thinking about how exactly i possibly could have accidentally harmed the individual Everyone loves. (cheerfully, we’d a conversation that is long precisely whenever and exactly why a kiss may possibly not be appropriate ??” so we??™ve since cleared things up.)