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how exactly to read outcomes from COVID vaccine trials such as for instance a pro


Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, University of South Australia

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It??™s been a week that is busy so for news about COVID vaccines. First we heard preliminary trial that is clinical from the Pfizer vaccine, then the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. This week, we learned about the Moderna vaccine. All these results had been shared with the media, ahead of being peer reviewed and published in a journal.

Once we anticipate preliminary outcomes from more vaccine studies become released into the coming days and months, it??™s essential to understand what??™s behind these announcements, just what news reports don??™t tell us, and exactly what scientists don??™t yet understand.

This can help us identify news that is g d we see it, become more critical of news reports, or delay our judgement until we now have more information.

1. Does the news report tell me exactly what style of trial it really is? More…