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A relic for the old internet had its servers with more than 15 years of content damaged instantly.

ExHentai had been a hentai internet site that will show a graphic of the unfortunate panda if an individual whom didn’t have founded qualifications for the site tried to consult with it. Colloquially, the internet site had become understood primarily as ???Sad Panda.???

Unfortuitously, Sad Panda is not any more. At the time of very early Friday evening, the hentai and doujin (fan comic) web site had its servers turn off for good. Attempting myladyboydate dating to go to the web site won??™t even explain to you the infamous sad panda that formerly avoided unsavvy internet surfers from accessing the website. The site??™s closing sparked a rabid and response that is passionate fans online who liken the loss to ???the burning regarding the collection in Alexandria.???

Exhentai heading down is possibly the loss that is greatest to tradition because the burning regarding the collection of Alexandria

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Warnings of ExHentai??™s doom that is impending broadcasted via 4chan and Twitter, and regular users quickly decided to go to work burning their most favorite content. ???Backup everything now. It is not a drill. We repeat, this is simply not a drill. You have got a couple of hours,??? read an statement post on 4chan??™s board that is hentai an ExHentai moderator.

Rumors started swirling that ExHentai??™s demise might be associated with the particular areas of their servers into the Netherlands. These suspicions had been quickly verified by ExHentai owner and administrator Tenboro. ???Unfortunately, current legislative alterations in holland, verified by our host, has caused it to be impractical to keep carefully the status quo going,??? Tenboro wrote on ExHentai??™s sister-site E-Hentai. More…