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Charles Schwab Continues To Deliver on Its Commitment to Customer Information Protection

These solutions may provide a holistic view of a user’s funds to help them to make better investing decisions, or a number of other functions pertaining to repayments and customer loan requests. To utilize these solutions, generally in most cases clients must authorize a third-party information aggregator to gain access to the consumer’s account and information that is personal.

Third-party applications often utilize “data aggregation” services that include the collection and make use of of a person’s private financial account and information that is personal.

To permit this, users can be expected to produce their account credentials (user name and password) into the information aggregator so that you can allow the information aggregator to get into the user’s account(s) at each and every institution that is financial. The information aggregator’s computer software logs in to the institution that is financial website as that individual and accesses the consumer’s private informative data on the aggregator’s platform. This technique of access is frequently called “screen-scraping”. More…