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we still remember the pain sensation we felt years ago when the gossip came back to me that one of this deacons, whom, well, let??™s just say he questioned my intimate orientation.

Confessions of a (Nevertheless) Single Pastor

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What to do with people who don??™t fit in

F or me personally, the church is a great destination to be solitary! I??™ve adored every full moment of it.

okay, that final phrase wasn??™t totally real. (I never ever thought to ask, but if I had been married or divorced, he most likely wouldn??™t have provided that opinion.)

A meeting official once explained that they had tried to place me personally in a few churches, however when the locals learned I was solitary, they decided they didn??™t want me personally. That didn??™t feel t g d. But there was clearly no feeling in fighting it. This is God??™s territory. With time, other congregations that were less worried about a pastor who didn??™t fit the traditional stereotype that is family-profile available.

After several years of ministry in three various conferences and a number of churches, i will honestly state that the church has become a place that is great be solitary!

Single-minded Ministry

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Right Here I have made lifelong friends and worked together on Vacation Bible Sch ls, youth ministries, campus outreach, personnel committees, a church building task, mission trips, Pathfinders, health ministries, evangelistic meetings, camp meetings, Adventist education, and, yes, sometimes even marriage counseling.

I’ve met seniors who welcomed me personally to their hearts and families. Here I can hug Julia, Naomi, Josephine, Martin, and Velma??”all ninetysomethings??”who still find their method to church each to share their love and worship of the mighty God week. More…