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3 Reasons Guys Go Positively CRAZY For Big, Beautiful Plus-Size Females

I am a young, g d l king ( i have been told this, by men and women), university educated, employed man. And I just so happen to have preference for plus-size women.

Now, I’m wagering I’m getting reactions from two “sectors” of readers. The sector that is first saying, “So, you deserve a medal because you like big women? That isn’t one thing you’re expected to boast about. You’re actually fat-shaming these by declaring your love for them.”

The 2nd sector is saying, “You like fat ladies . just what exactly? Why come up with that?”

For all within the aisle that is first of, I decided to create about my adoration of curvy women because there might be more than a few of these on the market who don’t know that we now have appealing men who wish to date them, or lust after them . or marry them.

In a world that is perfect I would personallyn’t experienced to create this informative article. Ladies of size wouldn’t be addressed differently than their counterparts that are thin. More…