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Watch out for Peter Bowen from Alpharetta GA-grew up in Spain includes a 3 yr old daughter-Lilian. He could be in Nicaragua on business-self used contractor and it is a scammer!!

Got hurt while involved in Nicaragua and desired $ to fund net connection. He didn??™t get me though-but another nearly did??¦..

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Wayne Zambruther from Bangor Pa-same tale being a few above-just relocated right here from CA-wife and parents passed away in a vehicle accident a couple of years ago-has a 6year son-Paulo that is old. ???Wayne??? has just experienced PA for per week, it is in FL on business searching for ???arts??? to open up his or her own Gallery-had to get out of to visit the Phillipines to have the arts he desired for their gallery??”scum case! Oh-and he composed hmmm i c all of the time-weirdo??™s!! It??™s a pity that good people have sucked into this crap then give up the online dating-sad. Best of luck to you all around! More…