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Guys Share Their Very First Date Horror Stories

First date horror tales are really the best cringe-reads feasible, are not they?

Yeah they have been. Thing is, they predominantly originate from women whining about guys. It is nearly adequate to prompt you to think ladies do not pull crazy very first date stunts.

Reconsider that thought, people!

Reddit user adrien_68 expected:

As opposed to respond with hypothetical warning flag, these reddit users responded by telling real-live OMG NO date that is first. These red-flag first dates absolutely prove that ladies are only as with the capacity of being cringe-worthy as guys are.


A lady I dated really was obsessive over her ex, not like planning to reunite with him, no no no, good sir!

She just wished to make certain he did not date anyone, and would force every person around her to aid towards that. Including me personally. I then found out from her ex (who was actually an extremely good man) that regarding the very first date we went on, she chose a particular restaurant he had a date there, and she wanted to ruin it because she knew.

TMI Too Early

Had a night out together whom mentioned the very fact she got pregnant and then had an abortion three months later that she only had sex one time, but. More…