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9 films that got their LGBTQ representation drastically wrong

  • Lots of films function LGBTQ themes and figures, however for every ???Call Me By Your Name??? and ???Brokeback Mountain,??? there clearly was a film like ???Boat Trip.???
  • Some movies like ???I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry??? present LGBTQ people whilst the butt associated with laugh.
  • Others consist of LGBTQ figures but either crudely mock them, like in ???Zoolander 2,??? or relegate them to supporting, shallow functions like the homosexual closest friend, such as ???My Best Friend??™s Wedding.???
  • Also LGBTQ films by homosexual directors go wrong sometimes, as ???Stonewall??? whitewashed the Stonewall Riots by presenting a white twink as the hero rather than the folks of color and trans ladies who had been the actual heroes behind the riots. More…