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How exactly to conduct an analysis of the Girls Get context that is equal

Getting this part will allow you to map your stakeholders plus the systems which have power over that problem. Simply Simply Click to down load each activity worksheet that is individual.

Task 1: STAKEHOLDER MAPPING Plot who’s got a stake in your Girls Get Equal campaign.

Extra tools to steer the body analysis.

Exactly what are the campaign that is different?

There are numerous various approaches that are strategic you result used in purchase to achieve your campaign objective(s). These can be a combination of advocacy, policy, public mobilisation (online and offline), strategic communications, partnerships, and research/ information gathering.

In this part you will find an infographic to spell out mobilisation that is public community organising and cut right out cards for the various kinds of methods.

Strategies for campaign messaging on Girls Get Equal

In this area, you should use those two workouts to consider through the manner in which you would communicate your Girls Get Equal campaign to other people, and just how you’ll convince them to guide you.

Task 1: Grow your pitch

Activity 2: mind, heart and fingers device (interest your market)

How exactly to make use of other people

Girls Get runs that are equal the effectiveness of collective action of diverse, girl- and youth-led motions for sex equality!

Collaboration, networking and a supporter that is large increases your odds of attaining your campaigning goal.

In this area, find out whom you can mate with and exactly how.

Just how to handle danger with to yourself, other people as well as your campaign

All promotions will especially face risks taking care of sex equality and girls??™ liberties as a result of varying quantities of opposition and backlash. More…