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We are accustomed to touch screens at this time — we make use of them each and every day on our smart phones, as well as at McDonald’s — that it is an easy task to forget that Tom Cruise utilized the technology in “Minority Report.”

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A long time before Siri, there clearly was HAL. The yet that is ominous computer system had been the antagonist in 1968’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Stanley Kubrick’s sinister talking computer wound up switching on its team in a Siri individual’s nightmare that is worst.

Tech Elon that is giant Musk at the helm of SpaceX, that may deliver two tourists to room in 2018. But “2001: A Space Odyssey” imagined commercial space travel years ago.

Elon Musk, Bing and Uber happen duking it down to bring self-driving automobiles into the public, but Arnold Schwarzenegger might have jumpstarted the competition as he took a robot-controlled trip in 1990’s “Total Recall.”

“The Terminator” predicted army drones in 1984 — a long time before these people were introduced to authorities forces and militaries.

Digital reality is taking on the technology scene. You are able to play games in VR, watch movies and experience Coachella all from the convenience of your family room. But Hollywood predicted we would have VR significantly more than two decades ago in 1992’s “Lawnmower guy.”

The 1982 cult classic “Blade Runner,” featuring Harrison Ford, predicted electronic billboards, which you are able to see now from coast to coast, from occasions Square in nyc towards the Las Vegas strip.

Keep in mind once the TSA rolled away body that is invasive and lots of people freaked out? “Airplane II: The Sequel” imagined airport scanners that revealed an individual’s nude human anatomy to agents.

Similar to other companies, robots are overtaking jobs when you look at the army, too. There are also listicles outlining the “coolest” military robots. “Short Circuit” predicted this technology with all the model robot # 5. More…