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4??? and Diameter that is 6??? HighQ??? Coils for 3 to 30 Mhz procedure metal Mast and Hardware – Aircraft Aluminum capability Hats All Parts Have Standard 3/8-24 Threads – Tunes All HF Bands


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Quality Built by GLA Systems

???The SERIOUS HF Mobile Antenna???


The GLA techniques Texas BugCatcher antenna is made from the greatest materials available. The center support rod is 1.5 inches diameter ???Delrin???. All coil end connectors are machined from 1 inches Brass Hexagon club. Dallas aunties dating for gay guys The ?¬?ttings are tapped with 3/8-24 threads to allow connection to mast or whip. The coil cable ends are linked to the brass end ?¬?ttings with lugs and metal bolts. This insures the perfect mechanical and electrical connection between the coil and mast or whip. The coil supports on each end are made of polycarbonate (Lexan). Center coil form supports are used on all coils for additional energy. No parts are constructed of PVC or phenolic, both of that are brittle. The coils will be the wound that is open to avoid the buildup of moisture, dirt and dust between the coil and coilform. All GLA masts are made of 3/4 inch outside diameter metal tubing with stainless steel threaded inserts welded in each end. All masts have actually 3/8-24 threads that are female each end. A stainless steel threaded stud is given to each end to allow connection to the majority of any type mount. The capability caps are produced from aircraft type 2024-T4 aluminum.

The ???Texas BugCatcher??? antenna can be put together to satisfy nearly every technical con?¬?guration essential to ?¬?t a specific installation. Nevertheless it is essential to keep in mind that the center loaded antenna has got the highest theoretical radiation ef?¬?ciency ( as much as 50% more than the same base loaded system). With this thought, we highly recommend a mast that is base of to 5 legs and a whip length of 4 to 8 legs.Variations using this range will nevertheless offer excellent results but must be utilized only when installation demands prohibit real center loading. More…