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A cunt is a flower is really a cunt, this is actually the name of a Tracey Emin monoprint from 2000.

It really is a female that is reclining, feet and torso nicely nicked down above the upper body and also at ankle and shin level, a human anatomy sloping backwards through the raised feet downwards, making sure that, held vibrant and prominent right during the centre of this drawing, there is not merely the vibrating smudge and scribble of feminine genitalia but in addition a feeling of one thing solid growing from this, a shape cut in air, created by the crook regarding the top knee additionally the type of the reduced thigh.

“A cunt is really a rose is really a cunt” is Emin’s reworking associated with the line that is famous/notorious Gertrude Stein’s 1913 poem “Sacred Emily”: “Rose is just a flower is a flower is a flower”. It was most likely motivated in turn by Juliet’s comment on Romeo’s title, 300 years before Stein: ” what is in a title? That which we call a rose / By virtually any title would smell as sweet” (and Shakespeare had been a journalist maybe perhaps not averse to the odd pun on the phrase “cunt” himself). Exactly just What would Stein, the fantastic experimenter that is literary are making of Emin’s emendation? Here is what she stated in 1935 whenever some pupils in Chicago questioned her about any of it:

Now pay attention. As it was with Chaucer and Homer the poet could use the name of a thing and the thing was really there can’t you see that when the language was new.

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He could state “O moon”, “O sea”, “O love”, plus the moon as well as the ocean and love had been really there? And can not the truth is that after more than 100 years choose to go by and 1000s of poems was indeed written, he could ask those words and locate that they certainly were just exhausted literary words? The excitingness of pure being had withdrawn from their website; these were simply instead stale literary terms. More…