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a quantity of tabloids are reporting rumors that a dangerous brand brand brand new “sex roulette” trend ??” involving orgies where a minumum of one attendee is HIV-positive ??” are “on the increase.”


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(movie) People In Spain Partake In ???Sex Roulette??™ Where some body Secretly Has HIV



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During the early May 2016, an amount of tabloids throughout the world posted tales about a ???new??? trend called sex roulette, for which individuals gather for non-safe sex with a minumum of one member is secretly HIV-positive. On 16 might 2016, Britain??™s Mirror and frequent Mail published articles documenting the alarming ???rise??? of intercourse roulette. The previous stated that a dancer that is exotic Serbia had attested towards the presence associated with occasions:

Extreme ??? sex roulette ??? parties ??“ where one individual secretly has HIV with no one is permitted to wear a condom ??“ are regarding the increase, physicians have actually warned.

The dangerous orgies are often attended by homosexual males and gives the so-called ???thrill??™ of perhaps maybe not once you understand whether or otherwise not you are contaminated .

Medical practioners in Barcelona have experienced an increase when you look at the amount of such events, that they claim is an indication that folks have actually ???lost respect??? for HIV.

Dr Josep Mallolas of Hospital Clinic Barcelona told el Periodico : ???There is everything: intercourse roulette events, or intercourse events it is possible to just go to in the event that you currently have HIV.???

He included that a number of the occasions are referred to as ???blue??™ parties because attendees simply simply take anti-viral medications to cut back the possibility of transmitting the herpes virus.

Just last year, a stripper that is serbian Tijana claimed the events started in Serbia ??“ and had been known as Serbian intercourse roulette, after Russian roulette, Metro reported. More…