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Problem- then your dating app loose users faith & trust and it fails if your dating app does not have any feature which can verify the fake user and block them immediately or not allow them to log in again.

Fake profile disturbs genuine people, distract them or waste their time. After a point that is certain will not utilize the application.

Solution- include one function to your dating application, whenever a person produces their account fully for the time that is first confirm their telephone number, current email address or demand them to validate their account. Include filter which could report and spam the account which will be very obstructed because of the individual. This way we could reduce steadily the wide range of fake reports from our dating application and in addition lower the possibility of failure of your dating application.

11. No-unique features:-

Problem- principal basis for the failure of a dating application is, even as we all understand there are many different dating apps in the market. Then definitely user won??™t switch to your app if you are not providing different and unique features. Since there is high competition available in the market, to face away various you really need to have to select a dating app that is unique.

Solution- Simple treatment for this issue is, transform your dating app into a unique relationship software. How exactly to do that? Include feature that is unique ensure it is easier to make use of, offer all of the feasible features into the individual.

12. Ignoring users feedback :-

Problem- Generally after deployment associated with the software, the master believes now their work and duties has ended but no it can??™t work such as this, you need to take really and work with the review and feedback which will be distributed by your web visitors or users. But usually no body cares about the feedback whether it’s negative or positive. So when an individual faces exactly the same usage in order to find no body here to respond or repair the problem, they change to another dating application. More…