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Jules in addition to City. For almost any New that is new Yorker there are certain things you have to become used to ??“ and fast.

And on prior to landing whether it??™s the sardine-packed subways, overly opinionated hobos, your broom closet-sized apartment or the fact that you had to sell your soul/hair (true story, in my case) for that apartment, it??™s nothing one or two ???Moving to NYC??? articles on Buzzfeed can??™t educate you.

But there??™s something that we all know will here happen upon moving, but nobody really covers.

The crippling loneliness.

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We start thinking about myself a person that is highly introverted and it??™s becoming especially pervasive when I enter my belated twenties. Whereas five or six years if I wasn??™t spending my Saturday gyrating with some stranger to Rihanna??™s ???We Found Love??? in a sweaty, crowded Scottsdale club, today, the time I spend binge-watching Netflix, reading Dating Over 60 advice, or even working out on my lonesome is something I cherish ago I would have felt like a worthless human being. More…