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Right Here’s What Lesbians Think Of United States Cosmopolitan’s First “Sex Strategies For Lesbians” Series

Cosmopolitan magazine were supplying intercourse place ideas to right females for a long time, just what exactly takes place when they set up some lesbian intercourse jobs?

Lesbian intercourse truly does have its benefits. In addition to a (mainly) reduced danger of getting STIs, no threat of undesirable maternity (duh), the very fact a cuddle or spoon can be achieved with little to no phallic interference ??“ unless specifically required, bought and strapped on ??“ with no post-orgasm pause, there??™s a whole lot of life in per night of girl-on-girl enthusiasm. That??™s probably why Cosmopolitan had a great deal to show up against (sorry) whenever it made the strong choice to report 28 various roles lesbians can try. That, therefore the final time the globe ended up being shown some lighter moments brand-new lesbian intercourse jobs, it had been in Blue could be the Warmest Colour, and also you don??™t have even becoming gay to realize that scissoring from behind can do nothing at all for anybody besides the slack-jawed bearded art-house film-goer viewing it. More…