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Old Faceb k pages are like ghosts of your former self that is online back again to haunt you.

Just how to delete a Faceb k web page you no longer desire

It is time to clean your faceb k closet out.

Maybe it??™s your college boyfriend??™s punk that is terrible or pages you manufactured in 7th grade like ???Spinny Chairs Are Superb. ??? and ???I Am in deep love With Justin Bieber??? that have somehow resurfaced on your own adult internet dating pages. If you??™re fl ded with notifications from old pages, it??™s most likely time and energy to clean out those likes.

Below are a few simple ways you can remove yourself from an old faceb k page you don??™t wish to be connected with any longer.

Just how to delete a Faceb k page

The step that is first deleting a Faceb k page is determining if you are an admin for that web page. Holding the admin title for a web page could be the way that is only have access to deleting pages. In the event that you plan on immediately deleting the page if you aren??™t an admin, you will need to request access from someone who is??”and they might not be inclined to grant you access.

1) how exactly to delete a Faceb k page via desktop

Go right to the drop-down arrow within the corner that is top-right of Faceb k website and select the web page you intend to delete. Into the instance below, I??™m ch sing my author that is own page titled ???Kristen Hubby.???

Thoughts is broken on the page, click Settings in the menu club at the very top.

Scroll towards the base of this ???General??? section in your settings, and click ???Remove web Page.??? Simply Click ???Delete (Page Name)??? and you will certainly be prompted to confirm.

Deleting the web page means it won’t be public anymore, and you will have a 14-day period where you could restore it if you would like to create it back once again to life. More…