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Your 7 Biggest Questions Regarding Guys and STDs, Answered

We realize we ought to ask every partner that is new “get tested,” but what for, precisely? With news that particular STDs are virtually because typical as the flu and that lots of men are not also getting tested any longer, what exactly is this new “normal” as it pertains to sex that is safe? Karen Shea, nursing assistant practitioner and manager of medical requirements at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, breaks all of it straight down for people.

The top guideline? “Getting tested that you might have been exposed to something before you start having sex,” says Shea. Don’t hold off on the conversation until you’ve done the deed, and then panic all night. Test first, intercourse later on. Shea responses all of the rest of one’s concerns below:

1. Their penis appears definitely perfect for me. Must I nevertheless make sure he understands to have tested?