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Dating iranian are recognized for being jealous and possessive with their men, and that means you should think twice before bringing iranian friends that are female the equation.

Persian girls attribute this right section of their personality to being protective of the guys, but it does just take some persistence to deal with their m d swings.


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Hi all, I went to Iran a few days ago and I also’m already making plenty of friends. I love Iranians.

I obtained invited to a party in north Tehran and came across a lot of open minded Iranians women that are there including. They would like to meet once more and show me around Tehran and beyond and I adore that concept.

But I told this to a different Iranian iranian friend that I made and he’s paranoid that if the police sees me walking with and speaking with Iranian women regarding the street, they’ll discipline me so that as he put it “make a g d example of me” as being a foreigner. I am from western Europe, it’s super obvious that I am not an Iranian or perhaps a Muslim. I did so notice this attitude in some other Muslim majority countries meet I’m not even permitted to sit next to a female in public transportation.

But Iran isn’t as strict as that. And so I’m wondering what individuals here suggest. Or could I get ladies that are serious if breaking no laws and regulations? More…