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Katanning hotel back trading with new licensee

Katanning hotel back trading with new licensee.

The original concept to build the hotel on the grounds of the former Union Station was rejected by the city in 2006 due to the number of c??? ??? ??ars that could have been accommodated within the existing hotel, said Michael Lehn, a senior manager at Union Station. Lehn said the property was “not on the map” as the city has not had permission from the federal g??? ??? ???overnment for the project. The proposal was initially intended to be used to house Air Canada or Metrolinx for training purposes.

In 2010, in the face of an $80-million backlog on construction costs for the Union Station project, a contract was awarded to the firm KPMG for the design of the new train station.

Lehn said the company’s design for the ground floor and five floors of the Hotel was different than that of the Union Station proposal, saying the design team had made changes to help the project accommodate a different amount of housing and equipment to accommodate the new location.

The changes were necessary because the project was “in the business of making money and not a financial project,” said Lehn. He noted that the amount of money invested has gone from around $50 million initially to??? ??? $125 million, and that the hotel development will “probably be even more complicated than any project we’ve ever built.”

A lot more people have to move, and there’s a new place for them to sit, he said, adding there’s a lot more space for retail.

“We’re hoping they are very careful about the space we use,” Lehn said. “We’re not asking them to take up a lot of space.”

A few weeks ago, Lehn added that “there was some discussion with potential operators” about potential relocation of the hotel from the grounds. He said there were “some concerns” from the public that could affect any proposed expansion of the hotel.

When you add the new hotel’s entrance and carpark to the existing Union Station parking facility, Lehn said the design of the hotel’s entrance would likely include a third car space for the public parking, something that will help the hotel improve its image and the ease of parking.

In terms of the hotel’s parking facility, Lehn said that the building would likely offer some type of ramp to enable easier access for vehicles using public parking, something the current carpark already does for visitors who arrive to the hotel at Union Station. The building would feature four level areas as well as a central “floor-level