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Abc welcomes multi million dollar funding pledge by Donald Trump to improve the treatment of HIV patients around the world

Abc welcomes multi million dollar funding pledge by Donald Trump to improve the treatment of HIV patients around the world HIV kills more than 2 million women worldwide – more than 10 times as many as malaria HIV drugs made in India by Indian pharmaceutical firm ‘Viva India’ are cheaper than the cheapest alternatives at market – but no cheaper than US$10 “The number of people who have died from HIV is staggering, especially in the poorest countries. bijoux de collier pour chien collierpascher5896 The cost of HIV treatmen?????t is far, far too high. The cost in the developing world is much higher, around $60 billion a year,” said Kaleem Jain of AIDS Foundation of India (AFI), the country’s largest non-governmental organisation advocating HIV-AIDS relief and prevention. His organisation’s efforts are supported by a new $10 million funding round from the Trump administration, which is targeting the Global Fund’s main programme funding for AIDS research. collier femme en perle 720collierpascher6918 “I am looking forward to working with the Trum???p administration in these areas to push for a faster uptake of innovative treatments, and for a return to access to affordable med???icines for HIV patients who cannot afford expensive therapies,” said Jain. collier argent pour homme pas cher collierpascher4582 But Dr. bracelet cuir homme noeud 723braceletpascher9159 Paul Everson, director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and STD (NCHVT), a federal agency that is funded in part by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), warned that much more progress is needed. “Without a serious change in the approach we can expect more and more HIV infections and death to come from the new pandemic,” Everson told the Guardian. The global AIDS organisation says around one out of every 200 people living with HIV is now living with the disease in developed countries – with Africa most at risk. collier perle jaune moutarde The World Health Organisation estimates that nearly 40 million people across the developed world will have HIV before the virus can spread to others. montre or rose et bracelet cuir 723braceletpascher8242 There are around 5.2 million living with the disease in poor, rural regions of the world and they are often marginalized, impoverished and discriminated against. collier perle pour mariage 720collierpascher5057 The US president has said he believes the drug company Viagra could soon have a price drop of 20 percent after news of a US Department of Justice decision had prompted a push for a change in pharmaceutical regulation, according to CNN Money. While there was an outcry when a similar drug firm, Abc Therapeutics, failed in its attempt to sell the drug as Viagra, the company was awarded $1bn from the Trump administration to build new facilities.